Hugo Award Nominees 2020 Wiki

Welcome to the Hugo Nominees 2020 Wiki[]

This wiki is a handy place to collect recommendations for 2019 works which are eligible for a Hugo Award in 2020!

If you're looking for recommendations from last year, the 2019 wiki is right here.

This wiki is run by Ziv (aka Standback or @QuiteVague).

This wiki is a fan effort, entirely unofficial, and is not associated with or endorsed by the Hugo Awards, WSFS, or Worldcon.

Hugo Nominees Wiki originally moderated by Didi Chanoch. A similar, predating project is Renay's excellent Hugo Spreadsheet of Doom.

Let's Nominate[]

In order for more people to vote in the Hugos, let's make a list of eligible works and people, with links to read where available. This isn't meant to be a database of everything in genre over a year -- that would be impossible to manage or navigate -- but if you read or see something that you think is worthy of an award, by all means add it!

This will make it a lot easier to remember what pieces you liked, in what categories -- and lets you share recommendations with others!

The rules for each category can be found on the category page. You can read them in full in the WSFS constitution.

Here's a short video illustrating how to add works or people:


How to add a recommendation to the wiki


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Best Novella

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Best Professional Artist

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Best Fan Writer‏‎

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Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book

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